Acid Labs

20.00 USD

Package Description

Straight from the new GTA V drug wars update, the ACID LABS.

Ever wanted to add a new fun activity to your server? This resource is for you.

This resource will give your players the ability to get their own 6X6 on wheels acid lab!

Every lab will come with Mutt, the chemical master. Mutt will cook the acid for you. But?

You will need to supply the chemicals for him. How can you do that, by stealing from Deludamol!

You can start the supply mission every hour (can be changed).

Now Mutt have his chemicals, What's now?

Now Mutt will start the cook process, each unit will take 90 seconds to produce or 45 seconds with an active boost.

How can you activate the boost? Simply, go to the boost location and click E. The boost will reset every hour.

After couple of hours you will have a full stock, how can you sell it?

Simply, by starting the sell mission. You will have 15 minutes to stash 4 acid packages in 4 different locations.

If you failed, you lost all product. If you finished the mission, you will get the lab value straight to your bank account.


* Ownable Business

* Source & Sell Missions

* Fun Activity For Players

* Well Optimized (0.4 Max MS)

* Well Configured (Almost Everything Can Be Changed)

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